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Developed at First Montessori School of Atlanta in response to an expressed need from our parents to better understand the daily activities of the classroom, this little book has proven to be a big success.

This book is designed to be an outline of the educational materials found in every Montessori classroom to give the reader an understanding of the daily activities children experience in a Montessori program. The description of each material is short and concise with rudimentary illustrations to give a quick reference point in the map of the Montessori curriculum. The 50 page spiral bound book is organized by curriculum area and has an alphabetized index of the materials for easy reference. The information contained in this handy guide is a beginning point and an overview for people wanting to know more about the Montessori classroom for ages 3 to 6.

For schools, it is an invaluable aid to parent education, an easy, concise way to give your parents daily information on what the children come home talking about. It is an invaluable aid to use for parent conferences, open houses, potential donors, and marketing. (We give one to every family at the beginning of the school term for use throughout the year.) We will be glad to customize your books for you with your logo and contact information on the title page at no additional charge. Click here to place an order today!

For parents, it is a quick way to get the map of the curriculum in a Montessori classroom for children ages 3-6.

  • Considering a Montessori experience for your child? This reference book will give you an overture to the didactic materials used in the Montessori classroom. Schedule an observation of your child's proposed classroom to see the materials in action! Click here to place an order today! 
  • Is your child already in a Montessori program? Use this little guide to recognize what your child comes home taking about, and as a reference for parent conferences and parent education programs. Being an informed parent will enhance your child's Montessori experience. Click here to place an order today!

For Teacher Training Programs or Classroom Assistant Orientation programs, this reference provides a comprehensive overview and a cursory outline of the curriculum on which to build an understanding of classroom dynamics. We can customize your books with your logo and contact information on the title page at no additional charge. Click here to place an order today!


We apologize to those of you who received our flier this June that showed a year old price list. The prices shown here are correct. We pledge to keep prices as low as possible, but must cover rising production costs when necessary. Thank you for your patronage.

  1-10 bks       $6.25 each      plus 2.75 shipping and handling
11-49 bks       $5.75 each      plus 10% shipping and handling
50-99 bks       $5.25 each      plus 10% shipping and handling
100 + bks       $5.00 each      plus 10% shipping and handling


Also for schools and training courses: individual Curriculum Cards to label displayed materials. Each card contains a brief explanation of the purpose of the material. Wonderful for use at open houses and parent education programs; excellent study cards for trainees and asisitants.

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